Nairobi, 21st - 23rd June 2023


Evidence shows that not only are skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, etc. needed in the workplace, but they are also crucial to support academic achievements and promote the holistic development of the individual and of society. Unfortunately, in Africa, only a few people understand life skills and values and even fewer have the capacity to assess and develop them. This inaugural Values and Life Skills conference in Africa aims to build momentum for the collaborative monitoring of SDG 4.7 and it will provide a platform for deep engagement among stakeholders (local-global) to;

  1. Increase interest of political leaders and CSOs on life skills and values in East Africa.
  2. Learn about effective approaches to assessment and enhancement of values and life skills across contexts.
  3. Prompt key actions on policy prioritization for assessment and enhancement of values and life skills in the East Africa context.

Three themes will be explored:

  1. The role of assessments and evidence in stimulating change
  2. Approaches to enhancing life skills and values among children and across contexts.
  3. Education policy evolution and its effectiveness in mainstreaming life skills and values


The conference will bring together local and global participants, among them the RELI community, government experts from the national curriculum and assessment institutes in East Africa, academia and researchers in this field, civil society actors from across Africa, and the global community in the social emotional learning field, teachers, and adolescents. Each participant will have their space to contribute.