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Regional Convening on Creating Impact at the local level for girls’ Education in East Africa.
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Core Values

Our core values are: Trust, Respect, Equity, Mutual Accountability, and Collaboration


To nurture and transform members’ capacity to collectively influence positive shifts in education policies, practices, and systems.


All Children in Africa receive Inclusive and Quality Education that enables them to thrive in life.

Our Strategic focus areas

RELI identifies the following three outcomes as critical to enable civil society organizations to scale innovative solutions to address the learning crisis in East Africa: transformed organizations, creation of a knowledge hub, and policy engagement.

Creating evidence of what is working

Aggregating and Amplifying Afrocentric voice

Engaging in Collaborative Policy Influencing

Capacity for Collective Impact and Systemic Shift.

Transforming Organisations

Movement Building & thought leadership for transforming education systems.

Thematic Areas

RELI Africa identifies four programmatic areas as critical to addressing the learning crisis in East Africa: teacher development & support, equity & inclusion, values & life skills, and accountability for the right to education.

We also work across the following cross cuttings areas

Join The Network

RELI is a member-driven network, established for peer learning, knowledge building and collaborative policy influencing with a view to transforming member organisations.
The network works to realise equitable, quality education for all East African children. It achieves this by leveraging local knowledge, evidence and expertise to influence education policy and practice.


Our Members

RELI Africa Membership is by invitation and brings together a diverse, energetic, and impactful group of 50+ members from across Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. RELI members are committed local education organisations in the region, working tirelessly for the most vulnerable children. Created in 2017, RELI is already seen as the strongest, largest education network in East Africa. RELI stands out as it simultaneously operates as a policy-influencing network, a peer-led community of practice, and an organisational strengthening initiative.