RELI Africa is a member-driven and peer learning initiative that brings together 50+ Civil Society Organizations and Academic Institutions from the East African region working on education with the main aim to enhance learning outcomes in our education systems so that no child is left behind.  Members take the lead in the implementation of various activities across different thematic areas. RELI Africa members are however coordinated and supported by a lean secretariat, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

Membership is by invitation and brings together a diverse, energetic, and impactful group of members from across Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. RELI members are committed to local education organisations in the region, working tirelessly for the most vulnerable children. Created in 2017, RELI is already seen as the strongest, largest education network in East Africa. RELI stands out as it simultaneously operates as a policy-influencing network, a peer-led community of practice, and an organisational strengthening initiative. 

Membership Eligibility

RELI Africa has two categories of membership.

  • Corporate Membership

RELI Africa aims to amplify the local voice for education transformation. Corporate membership is therefore derived from organisations that have roots2 in the East African region. All founding and existing members of RELI Africa who subscribe to this membership charter will automatically obtain corporate/ordinary membership. Corporate or ordinary members have voting rights and MUST meet the following criteria:

  • An organization that implements evidence-based programs, actions, and activities that promote the realization of equitable and inclusive quality education for every child. 
  • An organization whose values align with RELI values.
  • National/ Local organisations that are registered, have a local governance, local management structure, and a proven track record working in Kenya, Uganda, or and Tanzania.
  • Is formally registered in at least one of the countries listed in (b) above and whose nature is not-for-profit making.
  • The corporate members in each country shall be represented by elected persons who will seat in the RELI Africa Board. All corporate members will be subject to the rights and responsibilities described within this charter.
  • Honorary membership

Individual person whom RELI wishes to honour for services to RELI or whose expertise in education the organization may wish to tap on a voluntary basis. Honorary members are non-voting members who enjoy the privileges of membership in RELI Africa. 

Membership Admission Process

To join the RELI Africa network as either a corporate or honorary member, the following process must be duly followed:

  • Nomination: The Organization or individual interested in becoming a member of the network shall be nominated and seconded by another existing RELI Africa members.
  • Application: A formal membership Application form shall be completed by organisations and individuals interested in being admitted to membership. The Application form shall entail the applicant’s contact information, registration details (for organisations), interest in joining RELI Africa, and program areas with a focus on how the organization or individual contributes to learning for children left furthest behind.
  • Vetting: The Board of Directors through a fair and transparent process and in consultation with the country leadership teams shall review the membership application, consult members for ratification and approve new members. 
  • Admission to membership: If an applicant is accepted for membership, the board shall consult members for ratification. The member will then be formally admitted for corporate or honorary membership.