Our Vision

An East Africa where all children receive a quality education regardless of race, colour, creed or ability.

Goal: All Children

Our Values


RELI strives to foster an environment of positive engagement that honours each member’s contribution to the network.


RELI values good faith efforts and deals both honestly and openly with all stakeholders. We are accountable to ourselves and to others. As a result, members have strong relationships with each other and with the communities in which they work.


RELI members leverage each other’s strengths when collaborating for impact and share responsibility for both positive and negative outcomes of RELI activities. This empowers members to confidently experiment and take risks.


Our aim is to learn from each other, from students and from the broader learning community. We actively seek out feedback and use it to improve our practice. We are willing to iterate and experiment.


RELI is generating, curating and disseminating an evidence base of best practice in equitable and inclusive education for all.