Communications, Monitoring  Evaluation and Learning

Communications and MEL

APHRC is the regional hub for RELI and coordinates collaboration across the 3 member countries. Each country also has a country hub that works to coordinate and support work at a national levels. The country hubs are Zizi Afrique (Kenya), HakiElimu Tanzania and the Luigi Guissani Institute of Higher Education (Uganda).

RELI members work with a team of Monitoring Evaluation and Learning experts who are helping organisations to transform their work practices. This team of MEL experts comprises mentors who identify learning gaps and set the pace for the country teams and learning catalysts who work with individuals and organisations to address the identified gaps.

Well Made Strategy works with RELI members, both collectively and independently, to improve their communications work. They help focus efforts to improve children’s learning, spotting areas for collaboration and catalysing conversations of change.