Study on the status of Secondary Education in Kenya

The Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) held a Kenya country convening in October 2018. During this time, the various thematic groups had the opportunity to confer on issues within their respective groups. The secondary education special interest group (SIG) met and deliberated on issues related to secondary schooling, both to understand the status of and developments in the sub-sector, as well as to explore the opportunities that RELI could offer to further discourse around issues of secondary education. Of particular interest to the group was determining the kind of contribution that RELI could make in the crucial yet often neglected secondary education sub-sector. Numerous issues, among them inadequate facilities and funding, the flawed capitation model, inequalities in teacher distribution, and the anxieties and uncertainties occasioned by the new curriculum, were raised and subjected to thorough discussion. From the discussions, the groups came to the realization that many questions related to secondary education in Kenya remain unanswered. The key question that emerged from the group discourse was: What exactly is the status of secondary education in Kenya?