Life Skills

The importance of a values and life skills education for Tanzanian youth today


Values and Life Skills


VaLi Tanzania

In this video, members of the Values and Life Skills (VaLi) Thematic Group, RELI Tanzania and the students and parents that have benefitted from their important work reflect on the necessity of a values and life skills education for Tanzanian youth. Ali Amani, project coordinator of education at Milele Zanzibar Foundation tells us that life skills education has the potential to improve Tanzanian youth’s jobs prospects and develop them into productive citizens. Another RELI TZ member, Elizabeth Francis explains that work to impart on students an understanding of values and life skills such as cooperation, respect and problem solving, not only works to improve the lives of Tanzanian young people but also the productivity of Tanzanian society more broadly. The video concludes with student beneficiaries offering profound testimonies of how the VaLi thematic group’s values and life skills training have empowered them to approach farming as a sustainable income generator, adopt better time management dream and gain the confidence and step-by-step understanding of how to make their dreams a reality amongst other important learning outcomes.