General Information

  • We invite submissions for individual papers. All submissions will undergo double-blind peer review by the conference committee. 
  • All abstracts must be written in English and the presentation will also be in English. 
  • Please indicate one – three most relevant themes for your abstract from the conference tracks. 
  • Please send a brief biography together with the abstract. 
  • The abstract should be submitted in the format of MS Word (.doc or .docx) document.
  • Please submit your abstract for individual papers by 11: 59 pm (EAT) Wednesday, 15th December 2022. Decisions will be announced on Friday the 20th of January 2023.
  • To maximize participation in the conference and to avoid timetable clashes, we request that each individual is only a named presenter maximum of two times on either an individual paper or a panel submission. 
  • All members of our Regional Learning Initiative (RELI), and anyone interested in measuring and enhancing Life Skills and Values/Social-emotional Learning/21st-century skills, are welcome to participate in the conference whether they submit an abstract or not. Registration will open soon.

Individual Papers

The conference committee will group individual papers into sessions lasting 90 minutes. There will be approximately 3-4 presentations in each session. Each presenter will be given 15 minutes to present their work. A guideline for preparing presentations will be provided to those whose abstracts are accepted. There will be approximately 30-45 minutes for discussion in each parallel session. We intend that this will encourage networking, collaboration, and shared learning. Please make it clear in your abstract how your work links to the main conference theme, and the sub-theme you are applying to.

Please submit an abstract of up to 400 words. 

  • An abstract is a compendious summary of a piece of work, including its background, purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion.
  • It should be one paragraph with a word limit of 400.
  • Keywords should be provided as a must (no more than 5 words).
  • Please do not include subheadings, bullets, lists and header/footer in the abstract.
  • Abstract titles should be short, but descriptive. Informative titles, indicating key points are encouraged. Abbreviations should not be used in the title.
  • Acronyms should be written in full the first time, mentioned in the text, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.
  • Local names or descriptions must be in Italics.
  • There shall be no citations or references in the abstract 
  • Title: Calibri, 12 points, Upper case, Centered text in bold
  • Body: Calibri, 11 points; Line spacing: 1, Justified


  • Affiliations should be indicated with superscript Arabic numbers appearing at the end of surname/family name.
  • A superscript asterisk should be used for the corresponding author
  • Names of affiliations should be given including the country.
  • If there is more than one name and address, they should be related by superscript numbers.