Margaret Wawira

Ms. Wawira has over 9 years of project management experience and brings to the organization a proven capacity to conceptualize and manage issue-based alliances, provide strategic direction in campaigns and project leadership, and catalyze action across key institutions, and affected and interested communities in education. Ms. Wawira has served as country coordinator for RELI Kenya for one and a half years and has diligently led the RELI Africa registration and transition so far. Prior to joining RELI in August 2021, Ms. Wawira worked as a Programme Manager for the Education support programme at the East African Centre for Human Rights where she held numerous positions leading various program implementation work on education and children’s rights. She holds an M.A. in International Relations from the United States International University. Ms. Wawira is passionate about Human Rights and creating impactful change for marginalized children to be able to access quality education and an equal opportunity at a better life in future.

As the Acting CEO, Ms. Wawira is responsible for overall leadership of the network, nurturing a sense of collective ownership and belonging to the network, in order to ensure its sustained growth, health, and impact. She is expected to lead the RELI Africa Network Secretariat Staff, supporting them in excelling in their respective positions, provide overall oversight of the finances, and be accountable to the RELI Africa board; fundraise for RELI Africa, lead strategy development and implementation, and oversee annual planning; ensure that the RELI Africa Network is in proper legal standing, meeting its obligations; and ensure governance meetings are held as scheduled and be the link between management and the board.