John Mugo

Dr. John Mugo is the Executive Director of the Zizi Afrique Foundation, based in Nairobi, Kenya. His research and programs address key themes connected to Foundational Learning, Whole-youth Development, Parental Engagement and Empowerment, and Assessment of Core competencies and Values. He leads the Action for Life Skills and Values in East Africa (ALiVE)and collaborates with the Ministry of Education in using evidence to support 100% transition to Secondary School.

Previously, John headed the Uwezo learning assessments in East Africa and chaired the Department of Special Needs Education at Kenyatta University. An accomplished and well-published scholar, John holds a Doctorate and master’s degree in special needs education from the University of Hannover (Germany), and a Bachelor of Education (Music) from Kenyatta University. He supports the development of Africa’s and global education on many fronts.