Deogratius is a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer (MEL Officer) and Uraia Wetu Project coordinator at MTWANGONET. In the RELI Tanzania leadership Deo is co-lead in the Equity and Inclusive Education (EIE) thematic group. He is employed by Mtwara Non-Governmental Organization Network (MTWANGONET) based in Mtwara, Tanzania as MEL Officer.


Deo is a medical professional specialized in medical radiation therapy and previously in 2008 he worked as a clinical officer in the government hospital in Mtwara but his passion to work in the education sector has moved him to focus on the development field. He has attended several project management and leadership skills trainings and succeeded to coordinate and implement several projects in civil society sector in Tanzania. Deo was the co-founder and first executive director of Volunteer for youth in health and development (VOYOHEDE) and Mtwara Nongovernmental Organization Network (MTWANGONET) and succeeded to register the network and implemented several advocacy projects with GIZ, AMREF, STARTOIL, WAJIBU Institute, RELI, HakiElimu and Foundation for Civil Society in Tanzania.  For over 15 years he has been an activist specialized in Primary and Secondary school advocacy projects, he first attended Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) and Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) trainings in Education sector organized by TACOSEDE in 2009. He then attended short course trainings in Education at Mwl Nyerere and Muhimbili University organized by Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) in Dar es Salaam and implemented several projects in Education sector implemented by VOYOHEDE, GIZ and MTWANGONET in Dar-es-salaam and Mtwara regions.

He is currently the MTWANGONET focal person in Equity and Inclusion thematic group in RELI and MEL officer responsible for program or project Monitoring and evaluation. He is also a capacity building officer and Education sector policy analyst of MTWANGONET. These roles are contributing into RELI’s strategies by sharing education policy implementation status, success, and challenges at local level for higher position advocacy especially for Equity and Inclusive Education in Tanzania.