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RELI Africa at CIES 2023

RELI Africa is delighted to be participating in big numbers at this year’s CIES in Washington DC. Various RELI members will be hosting panels and presenting papers, both online and in-person. Their presentations will focus on contexualised innovations, policies, research and pedagogical approaches that can make education more equitable for all children. RELI Africa will also have a booth at the physical CIES conference where you can engage with us and learn more about our peer learning initiative that works to develop partnerships and enhance collaborations that will bring us closer to achieving equitable education in East Africa and beyond. Below is a detailed outline of the papers and panels we will be hosting at CIES.


05th July 2022  PRESS STATEMENT  THE REGIONAL EDUCATION LEARNING INITIATIVE (RELI) KENYA COUNTRY CONVENING   Education stakeholders are convening at the KCB Leadership Centre for the 5th Country Convention of the Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI), a collaborative network of over…